Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brothers do not fly when the patent stick and bully foreigners

Flying stick from time to time the patent has basically wrecked the domestic DVD dying industry, most recently, is I do not know of nowhere in the MPEG-LA has to pay. These charges are essentially the profits of the domestic DVD makers carved up, and its way of doing things is the DVD version of "multinational forces into Peking!"

Domestic DVD is the big stick to force the patent Prostitutes living next step.

Patents are generally lethal spread to an industry, not just a business. Spread to the whole industry should be treated from a strategic perspective, it is necessary to take into account the immediate interests of the fight, but also to consider the long-term interests.

First of all "need to understand" is a legitimate patent royalties should be the normal pay. From the immediate interests to consider, is find ways to squeeze out the patent pool of water. Many companies to patent as the industry's most powerful weapon, one that sticks to a patent on the legs were, and obediently money or. In fact, that the patent is essentially a commodity, a commodity at the time of purchase, there is room for bargaining. By squeezing water and bargaining, immediate will be some degree of protection.

But the need to specify that squeezed out the water move only an expedient measure, can only play a knock Mountain "shock" the role of the tiger, the tiger remained out of reach. Squeeze water because the operability is not strong, a professor recently sued the Philips Domestic only symbolic, is intended to cause the attention of Chinese enterprises, in order to significantly reduce by this means, the patent fee is unrealistic.

Effectiveness and efficiency from it, can play a big stick foreign patents, or the maximum deterrent effect of the Chinese government related departments to formulate laws and regulations, to take certain measures to prevent over-charging patent. From long-term interests, must make their own DVD standard or a place in the industry chain, the patent cross-licensing approach will pay less or even not pay royalties, the patent owner of the world are doing so. You are uncertain standards, your site will have no rules of the game, any of its side coming to your site there is no constraint on the dare to run wild on your site.

Some people may blame, this is easier said than done, the development of standards is very difficult, not to say that the development, you will definitely established. In fact the current DVD industry can actually have a chance, because in developing its own standards, there Wo Lidou phenomenon, only to DVD industry watched the opportunity loss. This lack of win-win cooperation, Wo Lidou practice, in the end lifted a rock to not only their own feet, will fall on the feet of other domestic brothers. Brothers and outsiders bullying, these things worth remembering and thinking!

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